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Each state has different laws regarding division of marital property. Thirteen states follow the community property system, where marital assets are split equally (California is a community property state). Any award of spousal support (alimony), or ongoing financial support from one spouse to the other, is made in conjunction with the distribution of property.

In distributing the marital assets or property, it is crucial to do a proper tracing. California has many exceptions to the community property presumption. For example: gifts, inheritance, jewelry given by one spouse to another, or assets acquired before marriage or after the physical separation are all separate property and belong solely to the person who acquired them. Such assets should not be considered in the division of the marital assets.

Similarly, California Law allows for reimbursement of contributions made from one partys separate property to the community. If one spouse uses money from his or her inheritance to buy a home or to make a down payment on a home for the couple, that person is entitled to a dollar for dollar reimbursement of his or her contribution at the time of the divorce. Tracing is the most complicated area of asset division and there are numerous complex formulas that are used to calculate the true value of the marital assets. Divorcing couples should seek legal advice regarding their rights to reimbursements of separate property contributions and to exempt property all together from Californias community property scheme.
Property division and spousal support (alimony) are often hotly contested and failure to seek legal advice can result in one spouse having to pay an unfair share of child support or spousal support or receiving less than their fair share of the community assets. As such, getting early advice by one of our experienced family law attorneys can greatly impact the ultimate result.

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